Jason James Thiesen as Bono
Jason James Thiesen as Bono

Jason started his “musical journey” at the age of 8 behind a set of vintage Ludwig drums to which he couldn’t even reach the pedals. In 1987, his senior year of High School, he fell in love with U2 when The Joshua Tree album was released. He began learning to sing by listening and singing along to Bono’s unique vocals.

At 20, Jason was asked to step out from behind the drums and in front of the microphone by the members of their first real band, “Seconds Out”. His uncanny vocal similarity to Bono was obvious from the start. In the mid 90’s, he fronted the pop-turned-grunge band “Fear is Fatal”. Even while singing grunge, Jason was told he sounded like Bono. In the words of one fan, “
Dude! You sound like Bono singing with Pearl Jam!” “Fear is Fatal” realized marginal success, being signed to an indie label connected to Interscope Records. Though a single was released, they disbanded the band in May of 1997.

In September of 2002 Jason joined two other hardcore U2 fans to form the original band “EXIT-3”. Because many of their rehearsals were spent jamming U2 songs for fun, they decided to start a U2 Tribute Band. Jason spent the next seven years as Bono in that band, playing all over Southern California and Las Vegas.

In June of 2010, after departing his long time U2 Tribute Band and convinced his Bono Impersonation days were over, Jason declined several offers to join other U2 Tribute Bands. Five soul-searching months passed until he felt he could step behind the microphone again, portray Bono (and actually have a reason to wear expensive designer sunglasses at night!)

L.A.vation - The World's Greatest Tribute to U2, Jason will assume his rightful place… on a stage, singing his heart out to music he loves with three talented musicians, delivering the most accurate representation of U2 in both sight and sound. Get ready to be L.A.vated!

Bart Davis as The Edge
Bart Davis as The Edge
Email Bart at: bart@u2lavation.com

Originally from the Northern California city of Alameda, Guitarist Bart Davis relocated to Los Angeles in 1985. A graduate of Musicians Institute in Hollywood, he has been performing professionally since 1990.

The journey to U2 Tribute band member took an international route. After playing with numerous bands in the Los Angeles area, 1998 saw Bart join popular Orange County band “Corday” as lead guitarist. There he met bassist Fab Rodig and a drummer from Holland, Jorgen Ingmar. Fast forward to 2000, and Bart was asked to join Fab and vocalist Tony Oros in the “Coverdogs”, taking a three and a half week tour through the Balkans performing classic rock for US and NATO troops stationed there. This trio, along with Jorgen, became the first unit to begin performing as a U2 Tribute band, their first shows taking place on a short tour through Japan and on to Seattle. Since then, Bart and Jorgen have performed with numerous U2 Tribute bands, traveling across the United States and the world.

Throughout this period Bart also traveled extensively as a performer or as tour manager for other performers supporting US Troops throughout the world, as well as performing with “Off The Wall”, making two trips to Kuwait and Iraq among many other countries.

And now, 2011 has seen the creation of
L.A.vation - The World's Greatest Tribute to U2, the next phase for Bart’s U2 alter-ego, “B-Edgy”.
Jorgen Ingmar Alofs as Larry Mullen Jr.
Jorgen Ingmar Alofs as Larry Mullen Jr.
Email Jorgen at: jorgen@u2lavation.com

Jorgen Ingmar Alofs was born in Arnhem, The Netherlands. Lived in Germany and The Netherlands during his youth and attended the Conservatory Of Music. He performed & recorded all over the globe, and moved to Los Angeles, California in 1994 to pursue his musical career. Currently, he is a freelance drummer and does a lot of studio sessions and live shows across the nation and around the world. He has performed and/or recorded with artists such as Stevie Wonder, J.J. Jackson, Hank Ballard, Chris Penn, Babyface, Matt Bissonette, Alexi Murdoch, Tyrone Wells, Dallas Kruse, Barrett Johnson, Justin Grennan, and many many more.

Jorgen has his own recording studio where he records drums for artists, creates and programs drum- and percussion loops, and composes for radio, film and TV. Jorgen is also responsible for creating the backing tracks for L.A.vation. These backing tracks are extremely important for the recreation of a real U2 show.

Besides playing drums and composing, Jorgen teaches drums privately. Some of his students include the children of director/producer Steven Spielberg, actor Adam Baldwin and Thomas Wilson Brown, and composer Richard Perlmutter.

U2 is one of Jorgen's favorite bands! He loves their songs, their melodies, their lyrics, their production and appreciates what the band stands for in every aspect. Jorgen has played and subbed in multiple U2 Tribute bands before creating
L.A.vation - The World's Greatest Tribute to U2 with partner Bart Davis and to be a part of these very well written songs is a true joy.

To find out more about Jorgen Ingmar Alofs, please visit his website at
John Classick as Adam Clayton
Bryan Kimes as Adam Clayton

Bryan moved to Los Angeles in 2017 from Maryland, just outside of Washington, D.C.
At 11 years of age, he began learning music at the behest of his parents, first playing the saxophone and then picking up the bass guitar in the 8th grade. As an MTV kid in the early 80’s, he was heavily influenced by the dawn of music videos, particularly cuts from U2’s “Under a Blood Red Sky”, which was on heavy rotation. After seeing U2 on The Joshua Tree Tour in 1987, he felt a connections with the band, that hasn’t been replaced by any other band or artist. His first band in high school, “The Summer Snowmen” performed songs by U2, Echo & the Bunnymen, The Cure, as well as original material.

After years of touring with original acts on the East Coast of the United States, he was introduced to the tribute band concept, while forming a very passionate tribute to The Smiths and Morrissey with several close friends. He was thrilled to find an even better opportunity in Los Angeles, performing U2’s music at a high level with players that were equally as big of fans.

When Bryan isn’t performing or recording music, he works in Studio City, Los Angeles as a hairstylist, with 20 years of experience.

To find out more about Bryan Kimes, please visit his website at
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